Episode No. 322 | November 17, 2021

Serving Advisors Instead of Clients to Broaden Your Impact

A Conversation with Kathleen Boyd

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We’re excited to interview Kathleen Boyd, a CFP®, former financial planner, and now, XYPN’s Financial Planning & Process Coach. Kathleen is joining us for a second time, as she was on Episode 131 with Alan Moore four years ago talking about Diversity and Inclusion. Today, Kathleen …

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November 03, 2021

Leaving Insurance to Build a Six-Figure Lifestyle Firm

Ep #321: Leaving Insurance to Build a Six-Figure Lifestyle Firm: An Interview with Ashley Foster

We’re excited for today’s episode with Ashley Foster, a Latino advisor and owner of Nxt:Gen Financial, a fee-only firm out of Houston, TX. Ashley started his career in the captive insurance space, learning how to sell and acquire clients. As many of our guests have experienced, Ashley …

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Episode No. 320 | October 20, 2021

Impacting Over 100 Clients in Two Years

An Interview with River Nice

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Today, we’re excited to interview River Nice, XYPN member and founder of Be Intentional Financial, a fee-only firm focused on serving LGBTQ community members. River, whose pronouns are they/them, started their firm just over two years ago and has effectively served over 100 clients si …

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October 06, 2021

7.5 Years at XY Planning Network

Ep #319: 7.5 Years at XY Planning Network: A Conversation with #XYPNRadio Host Maddy Roche

#XYPNRadio’s very own host, Maddy Roche, is interviewed on the podcast today. Maddy is XYPN’s Senior Director of Member Success, a role in which she’s entirely dedicated to helping XYPN members be successful.  As the first employee, Maddy has been part of XYPN since the very beginning …

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September 22, 2021

60 Clients in the First 12 Months

Ep #318: 60 Clients in the First 12 Months: A Conversation with Danika Waddell

We’re excited to talk with Danika Waddell today, owner of Xena Financial Planning, a long-time follower of XYPN, and a relatively new entrepreneur. As you’ll hear, Danika has experienced rapid growth in her newly-launched firm and now serves over 60 clients just 13 months in. So, what …

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September 08, 2021

Coaching Clients Through Liquidity Events

Ep #317: Coaching Clients Through Liquidity Events: A Conversation with Tom Lo

We’re excited to welcome Tom Lo, XYPN Member and founder of Vested Financial Planning, on the show today. As his firm name alludes to, Tom works with Silicon Valley tech professionals and has a particular focus on helping clients through a liquidity event at their company.  Tom shares …

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August 25, 2021

Get What You Want Out of Your Business Using the EOS Model

Ep #316: Get What You Want Out of Your Business Using the EOS Model: An Interview with Jerry Kauffman

Today we’re excited to have Jerry Kauffman, a Certified EOS Implementer on the show. EOS is the Entrepreneurial Operating System—a system designed to help entrepreneurs get more of what they want out of their businesses. XYPN integrated the EOS model into our organization just about t …

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August 11, 2021

Growing Your Firm with Digital Marketing

Ep #315: Growing Your Firm with Digital Marketing: A Conversation with Daniel Kopp

We’re excited to welcome Daniel Kopp to the show today. Daniel is the owner and founder of Wise Stewardship Financial Planning—a two-year-old, 100% virtual fee-only firm that serves over 25 widows and military personnel.  Today, Daniel talks about what it was like starting his firm wh …

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July 28, 2021

Building a Firm Part-Time

Ep #314: Building a Firm Part-Time: An Interview with Spencer Stephens

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to starting or scaling a practice, and today, we sit down for a conversation with XYPN member Spencer Stephens who has taken his own path starting and scaling his firm. Stephen, like many folks, is interested in building a lifestyle practice vs. …

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July 14, 2021

Loving Your Business 20 Years In

Ep #313: Loving Your Business 20 Years In: An Interview with Cathy Curtis

We’re excited to introduce you to Cathy Curtis, founder of Curtis Financial Planning, a fee-only firm out of Oakland, CA. Cathy has run her firm for over 20 years and shares just a sliver of her experience on the show today. Cathy is a solo advisor—and always has been. She serves wome …

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