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Whether you’ve made the big decision to join XYPN, or you’ve been a member for a while and haven’t taken a deep dive into maximizing your membership, you’re ready to start taking advantage of countless member benefits. So how do you take full advantage of XYPN membership?

Enter your Member Experience Specialist.

We at XYPN understand how important it is to have someone in your corner, so rest easy knowing that each and every member is assigned to one Member Experience Specialist from the first day you join. Our team of Member Experience Specialists knows membership inside and out, and our job is to get to know you and your firm on an individual and personal level to ensure you’re getting everything you can out of XYPN. Your MES is your go-to point of contact throughout your membership, and the team is ready to help you live your best life!

Why do we have Member Experience Specialists?

We know becoming and staying an XYPN member is not just signing up for another service—every member of the Network chooses us to help them start or grow their businesses, and we don’t take that privilege lightly! When you join membership, you get access to a huge range of technology benefits, compliance services and support, ongoing education and coaching, opportunities for outsourcing, and so much more. 

Navigating if something is right for you and when can be challenging. Not everyone has the time to ensure they’re getting everything possible out of membership, especially while you’re running a full-time business! An MES will be your point of contact from day one, ensuring that you always get the support and resources you need.

But almost more importantly, we at XYPN believe in the power and importance of relationships. That’s why we’re a Network! We don’t believe we can serve you effectively if we don’t know who you and your firm are below the surface level. 

At this point, if you’re a member, you might be wondering, who is my MES (or who will be my MES)? How do I get in touch with them? What exactly can they help me accomplish? Well, let’s get into that now. 

Who Is My Member Experience Specialist?

Whether you’ve been a member for a while or you’ve just joined, you have already been assigned an MES! If you’re thinking about joining, you’ll work with one of the three of us from day one. The Member Experience Team consists of three membership experts: Jerrylene John, Kirsten Cocco, and me, Alex! We’ll check in with you regularly, but you can reach out to us at any time or as questions arise.

Meet The Member Experience Specialist Team

Jerrylene John

Jerrylene (Jerry) John

As the Member Experience Manager, I have over twelve years of customer service experience. My ability to understand individual needs and motivations has helped me to navigate members on how to find value in their membership. My ability to listen and respond to the needs of our members and the entire network is my strength.


Kirsten Cocco (Storm)Kirsten Storm

I have the privilege of meeting with our members; showing them how to navigate membership, utilize our benefits and take part in the community. I love getting to know our members while helping them launch or grow their firms by leveraging XYPN's resources. Hearing members' success stories and how they reach their milestones is my favorite part of the job.

I'm originally from Orange County, California but have grown to love mountain life living in Bozeman. My husband and I take advantage of all there is to do outdoors here in Montana. Hiking and skiing are our favorites. We have three large labrador/golden retrievers at home who also enjoy getting outdoors and adventuring.

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Alex Eigen, M.A.

Hello! As one of your Member Experience Specialists, I strive to create a successful membership experience for you at any stage in your journey. I am passionate about meaningful social interaction, and I can't wait to engage with you as I assist you with navigating membership, member benefits, and any other matters that arise. I'll help you get the most out of all that XYPN offers. I can't wait to meet you!


Regular Check-Ins

You can expect your Member Experience Specialist to reach out to you on a regular basis, multiple times per year. We like to check in to make sure you and your firm are doing well and feel supported! Keep an eye out for these emails from your MES and always feel free to take us up on a Zoom call. These calls are great opportunities to have any membership questions or concerns addressed in real-time. It’s also a great way to stay in the loop with what’s new with XYPN.  Don’t worry; we’ll always be happy to help you via email too if a video call just doesn't fit into your schedule, we know how busy you are!

Personalization of Membership

Your XYPN membership is not one size fits all. We definitely encourage you to choose your own adventure, and your MES can help you to do just that. Not every member benefit we offer will be right for you, and that’s okay! We can help you build your individualized tech stack, place you in the right Mastermind Group for you, and even introduce you to other members who we think you’d benefit from getting to know. Your MES can send you resources, articles, webinars, and more that pertain to topics that are of interest to you. We have the ability to provide you with recommendations based on the business you’re hoping to build so you can surpass those goals as an entrepreneur!

Navigation of Platforms and Member Benefits

We understand that there’s a lot to take advantage of within your XYPN membership. When you join, you gain access to a wealth of resources, information, and opportunities, and for many new members, that can be overwhelming. To mitigate that “drinking from a firehose” feeling, your MES is always happy to review member benefits with you or help you out with navigating your Member Portal, XYPN Academy, Knowledge Base, and the Community Forums. You can request to book a call with your MES for this purpose alone! It’s always nice to have a refresher of your XYPN membership since we’re always working on enhancing your membership experience. 

At the end of the day, your MES is your own personal support person! It’s important to know who to turn to. You have an entire network of like-minded advisors who have your back and are excited to watch you succeed, but you can always count on your MES to cheer you on and be there when you need some membership support!

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About the Author
Alex Eigen, MA, is a Member Experience Specialist on Team XYPN. Her favorite part about her job is learning about XYPN members, both professionally and personally—Alex has a blast hearing about family vacations or meeting children and pets via Zoom, all while learning about the success of XYPN members! When she's not championing the member experience, Alex loves hiking, hunting, fly fishing, and enjoying all that beautiful Bozeman, Montana has to offer.



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