Getting Real with Carl Richards at #XYPNLIVE 2022

Getting Real with Carl Richards at #XYPNLIVE 2022


You’ve probably heard of Carl Richards.

His understated sketches explaining complex financial concepts appeared in the weekly (and highly-acclaimed) "Sketch Guy" column of The New York Times from 2010 to 2020. He’s also the creator of the Behavior Gap newsletter, podcast, and author of two books, all stemming from his enlightening doodles—but this isn’t why he picked up a Sharpie and started sketching. 

Carl is a Certified Financial Planner™, and he started sketching to connect his clients to the advice they needed and meaningfully guide them through their financial lives. Carl believes in delivering financial advice differently to be more accessible, informed, and impactful for all. So does XYPN, and at our annual conference #XYPNLIVE, we do things differently, too. 

That’s why Carl is thrilled to be delivering a keynote presentation at #XYPNLIVE 2022, happening in Denver, CO, and virtually October 8–11. Learn more about what makes #XYPNLIVE special and grab your pass for the can’t miss event for fee-for-service advisors.

Carl Richard's Sketch

One of Carl Richards' simple, cogent sketches.
Image credit: Behavior Gap and Carl Richards. Prints of this image and more are
for sale here

Getting Real 

The Behavior Gap, to Carl, is the gap between how we use our capital—whether it be money, time, energy, or attention—and the things that are truly important to us. The question of what matters most to us is pivotal for him, because through understanding what we value most and what brings us the most returns across all areas of life, we will be able to allocate all of our resources accordingly and live the most fulfilling life possible, whatever that looks like for each of us. 

This guiding belief has served as the foundation for Carl’s Behavior Gap empire; when we understand what it is we want, only then are we able to make the informed financial decisions that shape our lives in the reflection of those deepest desires. Carl’s philosophy and teachings do more than get straight to the heart of what we value most; they are founded on it. 

Just as his simple drawings serve to clearly illuminate complex financial concepts, he believes a clearly defined statement of purpose has the power to illuminate the aspects of complex financial decisions that must be made with incomplete information. He's made it his career to shed light on nuanced situations in order for everyone to see more clearly. So, what kind of Carl Richards-brand illumination will he inevitably bring to #XYPNLIVE 2022? 

Carl wants to start a conversation with everyone in the audience about what it means on a deep level to be a real financial planner or advisor. Instead of focusing on the day-to-day minutia of how to operate a firm, Carl wants to have a real, unplugged conversation about what your profession as an advisor actually means—to you, your clients, and the world at large.

In his keynote, Carl will take you on a deeply introspective journey when it comes to your job as an advisor, the responsibilities you have to your clients, and the privilege it is to serve them as a trusted guide. Together, you'll re:imagine the meaning of your role as a financial advisor. The rest of the details on the topic of his keynote will serve as a surprise—all he’d like you to do is show up, and be ready to get real. You won't want to miss this one, so grab your pass for #XYPNLIVE 2022 here.

Learn more about Carl Richards:

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