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Mario Nardone

Mario Nardone, CFA, is Head of XY Investment Solutions' (XYIS) Investment Committee. His investment career began with 10 years at Vanguard, where he consulted institutions and financial advisors on investment policy, portfolio construction, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), and trading strategies as a member of Vanguard’s Fiduciary Services and ETF Product Management units. Through a relationship with his firm, East Bay Financial Services, Mario leads the XYIS Investment Committee and provides day-to-day investment support to advisors on the platform. His approach to investments and the industry has been featured in Investment News, NAPFA Advisor Magazine, Charleston Regional Business Journal, The Post & Courier, and The Northeast Pennsylvania Business Journal.

Recent Posts

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Capital Market Assumptions - A Primer


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September 10, 2018/by Mario Nardone
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ESG Investing


ESG investing means...

July 09, 2018/by Mario Nardone

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