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Kassy Betterley

As part of XYPN’s Member Services team, Kassy helps to personalize advisors’ relationships with XYPN membership and helps to ensure a high quality experience in her role as a Member Experience Specialist (MES). She is passionate about thoughtfully constructed processes and thrives when helping others problem-solve. Connecting people to each other is a great source of joy for her and she does so whenever the opportunity arises.

Recent Posts

Why Advisors Need to Stop Saying,

Why Advisors Need to Stop Saying, "Can I Pick Your Brain?"


Anyone with a modicum of...

May 14, 2020/by Kassy Betterley
Mastering Mastermind Groups

Mastering Mastermind Groups


Two of the most common...

January 23, 2020/by Kassy Betterley

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