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Kassy Betterley

As part of XYPN’s Member Services team, Kassy helps to personalize advisors’ relationships with XYPN membership and helps to ensure a high quality experience in her role as a Member Experience Specialist (MES). She is passionate about thoughtfully constructed processes and thrives when helping others problem-solve. Connecting people to each other is a great source of joy for her and she does so whenever the opportunity arises.

Recent Posts

How to Survive the Digital Workplace (and Avoid Zoom Fatigue)

How to Survive the Digital Workplace (and Avoid Zoom Fatigue)


Earlier this year, we,...

September 17, 2020/by Kassy Betterley
Why Advisors Need to Stop Saying,

Why Advisors Need to Stop Saying, "Can I Pick Your Brain?"


Anyone with a modicum of...

May 14, 2020/by Kassy Betterley
Mastering Mastermind Groups

Mastering Mastermind Groups


Two of the most common...

January 23, 2020/by Kassy Betterley

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