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Emily Purdon

Emily is a graduate of the Financial Planning Association's Residency Program. She earned a Financial Therapy Graduate Certificate from Kansas State University (KSU) and completed Wharton's Executive Education Program in Client Psychology. She expects to earn her M.S. in Advanced Personal Financial Planning from KSU in May of 2020. After working as a financial planner at a large fee-only RIA in Northern Virginia, Emily joined XYPN’s Advisor Success team. As a CFP® professional and Enrolled Agent, Emily eagerly shares her financial planning knowledge and experience with XYPN members as they start, run and grow their businesses.

Recent Posts

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XYPN's Financial Planning Process


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February 17, 2020/by Emily Purdon
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RIA Workflows 101: The 5 W's


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November 04, 2019/by Emily Purdon

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